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  • The fabrication table made in house, is close to completion.  Check out some of the build pictures in our Gallery under "Projects".

  • Our new 2-post lift should be arriving by end of April.

  • More Gallery pictures to come in the near future.  I have so many, but we will get them up as soon as we can. (If you come across a link that is blank, it is intentional and media will be coming soon).

  • The fabrication Table is completed and is in full production mode.

  • The front office remodel took some time, but we are happy with the results.  Check out some build pictures in our Gallery under "Shop".

  • No Hot Rod Shop would be complete unless you had some tunes playing.  Check out the custom audio/video center we created in Gallery under "Shop".  It is used to run the shop music, WI-FI, wall TV, and DVD player.  From playing music, watching a movie, Netflix, or You Tube to show customers TV coverage of us working the latest NHRA races; it is always good to be caught up on the available technology. (Great for those LATE night build sessions).

  • Rods & Racing, Inc. is happy to announce the availability of the Scrappers Racing Shop in San Jose.  Scrappers Racing has been a good friend of ours for numerous years.  The Salinas family trusted me to help build their magnificent facility about 5 years ago and we continue in our alliance to the present day (coming soon will be build pictures of this shop in the Gallery under "Shops"). Selected projects will be built by myself and crew at this location.

  • R&R Shop is moving into the modern technology age.  We are now equipped to test/tune fuel injection without the need for a Dyno.  Working with some reputable tuners/consultants, technology improvements have given us the ability to fine tune those seemingly complicated performance combinations.  Including but not limited to DFI, TBI, IR manifolds, super chargers, blowers, turbos or even a mild daily cruiser.

  • All of us at Rods and Racing, Inc. would like to take this opportunity to thank all the customers, businesses, car shows, races, race fans and all other events we attended for an amazing 2016 year!  The support we received has been overwhelming. We are looking forward to finishing this year strong and we have some exciting developments in the works for 2017.  Stay tuned.....

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